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Metal Recycling

We purchase and process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Materials

Non-Ferrous Materials

Stainless Steel
Other Materials

Electronics and Battery Recycling

We accept and process all forms of electronic waste, including batteries.

End-of-life Electronics


Bin Rental

Markham Metals offers on-site bin rental services on both a short and long-term basis! Call or fill out a form fill today to order your bin.

Bin Types and Sizes

Bin Types
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My Recycling depots will take your cardboard recycling, FOR FREE! No matter the quantity, we will work with you to get your cardboard recycled, free of charge.

Industrial Clients

Are you looking for a waste solution for a large quantity of materials? Contact Markham Metals Ltd. for a custom quote.

Equipment Rental

Supply equipment and labour necessary for large clean-ups, structural dismantling and large item removal for commercial and manufacturing/industrial facilities. In addition to the in-house training we provide, we send employees as required to external training sessions to gain specialized skills: